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What is Theology ?

Theology is the systematic study of the nature of the divine and, more broadly, of religious belief. Theology literally means ‘thinking about God’. In practice it usually means studying the sources of Christian belief like the Bible and the Creeds, and exploring the meaning of Christianity for today. It explains the major beliefs or doctrines that are generally accepted by all Christians while also highlighting the theological diversity of the Christian churches.


All Topics by Authors


Bishop David O Oyedepo


Excellency Of Wisdom
Leadership Secrets of David Oyedepo
Operating In The Supernatural
Releasing The Supernatural
The Blood Triumph
Anointing For Breakthrough
Business Secrets of David Oyedepo
The Hidden Covenants of Blessings
The Healing Balm
Dynamics of Holiness
Covenant Wealth
Breaking Financial Hardship
Winning The War Against Poverty
Understanding Financial Prosperity


Mensa Otabil
Wisdom The Foundation and Law of God’s World


David Herzog


Glory Invasion
Living in the Glory Every Day
The Ancient Portals of Heaven
Natural to Super Natural Health


Dr. Myles Munroe


Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life
Kingdom Principles
Spirit Of Leadership
The Holy Spirit, Governor of the Kingdom
E. W. Kenyon


The Hidden Man
Father & His Family
Words that Move Mountain
The Two Kinds of Life


Dr. Morris Cerullo


Making Possible Your Impossibilities
God’s Plan for Your Prosperity in the Endtime 666 Economy
God Preserves Protects and Prospers His Chosen People
Israel – The Blessing and the Curse
How to Take the Limits Off God


Rick Joyner


Final Quest
The Call
Overcoming Witchcraft
Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty
Overcoming the Accuser
Overcoming The Accuser 2
Overcoming Racism
Overcoming Fear


Roberts Liardon
God’s Generals


Why They Succeeded and why some Failed
The Martyrs
The Roaring Reformers
The Revivalists
The Missionaries
The Healing Evangelists


Kenneth Copeland


Managing God’s Mutual Funds
How to Receive Communion
How to Discipline your Flesh
God’s Will is the Holy Spirit 
Go with the Flow
A Matter of Choice
Turn Your Hurts into Harvests
The Image of God in You
Sorrow Not
Sensitivity of Heart
Rumors of War
Prosperity – The Choice is Yours


Kenneth E Hagin
Understanding The Anointing
The Believer’s Authority
A Commonsense Guide to Fasting
A Fresh Anointing
A Common Sense Guide to Fasting
In Him by Kenneth Hagin
How to Turn Your Faith Loose
His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful
Growing Up Spiritually
Faith Worketh by Love
God’s Irresistible Word  
Exceedingly Growing Faith
The Origin and Operation of Demons
Demons and How to Deal with Them
Ministering to the Oppressed
Bible Answers to Man’s Questions on Demons
Healing Belongs to Us
Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord
Bodily Healing and Atonement
Bible Faith Study Guide
He Gave Gifts Unto Men
Fighting The Good Fight of Faith
The Ministry Gifts
Seven Vital Steps to Receiving the Holy Spirit
Tongues, Beyond the Upper Room
The Midas Touch
Seven Steps for Judging Prophecy
The Years To Come – Prophecy
The Key to Scriptural Healing
Man on Three Dimensions
The Women Question
The Interceding Christian
Love – The Way to Victory
The Real Faith
The Holy Spirit and His Gifts
Learning to flow with the Spirit of God
The Present-Day Ministry of Jesus Christ
The Gift of Prophecy
Why Tongues
The Name of Jesus
The Glory of God
The Triumphant Church
Tongues, Beyond the Upper Room
What Faith Is
Learning to flow with the Spirit of God
Must Christians Suffer
Plans Purposes and Pursuits
Travelling Minister’s Handbook
Pastoral Ministry
Dag Heward-Mills


Loyalty and Disloyalty
The Wisdom of a Successful Leader
Bearing Fruit after Your Own Kind
Basic Theology
Anointed for Ministry
Aids to Leadership
Abrahamic Success
The Successful Leader
The Success Of David
The Secret of God’s Anointing
The Mega Church
The Anointing
Supernatural Power
Strategies for Leadership
Rules Of Church Work
Ministerial Manual
Prayer 100% Answer Prayer
Prayer Why You Must Pray
Preaching, Teaching and Healing
Principles of success
How to Develop Devoted Members
How to Develop Your Preaching Skills
How to Develop Your Teaching Ministry
How to Test Loyalty
How You Can Be Led By The Spirit Of God
How To Develop A Shephedorial Burden
How to Become an Anointed Pastor
Gospel Salvation
Forgiveness Made Easy
Fervent Prayer
Church Growth Principles
Church How to Start a Church
Church Rules Of Church Work
Essentials of Leadership
Demons and How To Deal With Them
Evangelism & Missions
Evangelism and Missions
Christ’s Human Nature
Causes of Backsliding


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