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Meet the awesome team behind The Excellence Center.

John Winner

Dan D. Connor

Thomas J. Turner

John Winner is a web developer, digital marketer, author and conference speaker. He holds Executive Mini-MBA in Marketing (ABS), Bachelor of Science in Marketing (KNUST) and Advanced Business Certificate in Marketing (WAEC). He also hold Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Computer Programming and Diploma in Web Design (John Academy, UK), Diploma in Global Governance and Diploma in Project Management (IBMI, Germany), Diploma in Positive Psychology and Diploma in Creative Writing (KTA, UK), Certificate in Mindset Life Coach (TA, USA), Certificate in Global Diplomacy and Certificate in Responsive Web Design (University of London, UK). He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Pastoral Theological Seminary and Senior Administrator at the Excellence Center.

Thomas started out as a freelance content writer and quickly moved into full-time content production for one of America’s biggest homeware brands. As Acme’s first full-time employee, he’s developed and perfected the content strategy from the ground up.

Dan is an experienced social media manager, and his skills span everything from video production to creating PPC campaigns. Dan has deep understanding of the tools and strategies needed to get your content in front of the right people on social networks.

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